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Cattle Feeders

There are a variety of cattle and livestock feeders to choose from. Our most popular models are shown below. You can also contact us for custom making feeders and related agricultural equipment. Farmco Manufacturing work ethic and quality speaks for itself. Tremendous pride is taken in each product we make, ensuring customer satisfaction and our workmanship warranty will give you peace of mind. Most equipment is made from heavy 12 gauge steel and powder coated for extreme durability and protection from the outdoor elements. Click on a
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400 Series

DRB Series

HL Series

400 Series DRB Series HL Series

200 Series

66 Series

FL Series

200 Series 66 Series FL Series

LRB Series

L Series

Bale Ring

LRB Series L Series Bale Ring

32 Series

32 Series


Farmco Manufacturing warrants to the original purchaser all equipment manufactured by it, to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service. Its obligation under this Warranty shall be limited to replacement or repair of any parts, provided it is within (1) year after delivery to original Purchaser and be proven to be defective, which determination shall be made by Farmco Manufacturing.

Farmco Manufacturing reserves the right to make changes in design or changes in the specifications at any time, without any obligation to owners of equipment previously purchased.

This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties or agreements, whether expressed or implied. No one is authorized to alter, modify, or change the terms of this warranty.