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Farmco's roots go back into the 1970's where Jonas Beiler (Grandfather) began building horse drawn carts on his farm. The business expanded into wagon gears and bale wagons in the late 70's and early 1980's. As the business grew, it became bigger than the shop on the home farm could support ,so in 1985 Ben Beiler (Founder of Farmco) bought an acre of land from his father and built a shop to begin manufacturing cattle feeders, hay wagons and wagon gears. Farmco completed a building renovation and land purchase in 2009 to bring it to the current size of 4 acres and over 18,000 sq. feet of manufacturing space. Over the past 30 years, the cattle feeder line has been expanded to include over 50 different models being manufactured today. Farmco has also developed an entire line of equestrian horse feeders that meet and exceed the feeding and safety concerns of many ranchers and farmers across the nation.

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Who We Are

Who We Are

Farmco is currently owned by the family of the late Ben Beiler (Founder) and is managed by Michael Beiler (Son) who started working in the shop at the age of 18. Michael is married and has 3 children. He is very active in the local community and is committed to building a team at Farmco that focuses on teamwork, family values, manufacturing quality equipment and selling it at a fair price. He, and the team at Farmco Manufacturing, give God the glory and praise for the success and growth Farmco has experienced the past years.

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Integrity of Manufacturing

Farmco equipment is manufactured in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, an area rich in farming and agricultural pride. Occupational farmers and hobby farmers nationwide bear testimony to the rugged build and friendly features of Farmco equipment.

Farmco Manufacturing has been manufacturing low maintenance, high endurance equipment since 1985. Decades of farmer feedback and field experience have been incorporated into the product to make them both cattle tough and farmer friendly. Heavy gauge metal, high quality welds, and strategically placed reinforcements mark the integrity and workmanship that is built into every piece of Farmco equipment.

All Farmco equipment is coated with primer. Then a two-component polyurethane paint is electrostatically applied to ensure that every square inch of Farmco equipment has optimum rust resistance.

Do you need a special feeder that you haven’t been able to find? Our manufacturing process allows us to build customized feeders and other farm equipment very quickly and efficiently. Ask us about a custom build to fit your farm.

Who We Are