How to Find the Right Cattle Feeder or Hay Feeder for You

How to Find the Right Cattle Feeder or Hay Feeder for You

When you’re buying equipment for your farm, you want it to lessen your workload, be durable, save you money in the long-run, and meet your budget. In short, when you’re investing in new equipment – whether it’s a tractor or a hay feeder – you want it to be right for the job.

When investing in a hay feeder or a cattle feeder, there are a ton of options. You want to be sure you’re making the right choice. Farmco Manufacturing builds ALL of our horse and cattle feeders to last. Choosing the right Farmco cattle or hay feeder is a matter of matching the model to your needs and finding a model that fits your budget.

Let’s explore the Farmco models.


5 Farmco Cattle Feeders

Here are 5 Farmco cattle feeders that offer different features and are good for a variety of tasks.


1. 710SRB – The hay feeder for farmers who want to save money by saving hay and don’t need to move their feeders as frequently. 

This hay feeder is used to efficiently feed large square or round bales of hay to your cattle. Since cattle are wasteful when eating hay directly from the ground, the 710SRB is useful for making your bales of hay last longer.

In fact, the 710SRB offers an optional hay rack that attaches to the center bars and can reduce hay waste by 30%. In total, the 710SRB reduces hay waste by 40% to 50% as compared to ground feeding. As a result of the hay savings, this feeder pays for itself over time.

While this feeder can be moved if need be, it is less mobile than feeders that come with built-in wheels. As a result, the price of the 710SRB is more budget-friendly then the wheeled models.


700SRB Farmco Cattle Feeder


2. FL Series The feeder for farmers who know they will only need to feed cattle from one side of a feeder.

This cattle feeder is specifically designed for use in a feed lot or when set against a barn or a fence. While most cattle feeders allow feeding from both sides, the FL Series of cattle feeders only allows feeding on one side. This feeder eliminates the need to ground feed in feed lots. Like all Farmco feeders, the FL Series is tough enough to stand up to rough treatment from cattle.


FL Series Hay Feeder Shown in Red



3. Calf FeederThe feeder for farmers that have an effective solution for feeding adult cattle, but need a convenient way to grain and hay to young calves.

This feeder is specifically designed to feed calves grain and hay separately until they are at a size to eat with the rest of the herd. Generally, the Farmco Calf Feeder is used for calves ages 3 months to 10 months old.

In addition, the Calf Feeder features adjustable legs to adjust the trough height as animals grow. Since there is a significant height difference between cows that are 3 months old vs. 10 months old, the adjustable trough is an important feature.


Farmco Calf Feeder for Sale


4. 700 DRB The hay feeder for farmers that have a large property and need to transport the feeders from pasture to pasture.

The 700 DRB has the same features as the 710 SRB hay feeder, but it has built-in wheels for easy transport. The 700 DRB offers the same 40% to 50% hay savings as the SRB model, meaning that it will pay for itself in time, too. In addition, several Farmco 700 DRB feeders can be towed at once with the optional rear hitch.

The easy transport of the 700 DRB can be useful to farmers with a lot of property. Some farmers choose to load the feeders full of hay and haul them out to their herd rather than transporting the hay itself. The added mobility makes the 700 DRB priced higher than the 710SRB hay feeder, but that mobility can be priceless to some farmers.




5. Bale RingThe product for farmers that want to protect their large hay bales during feeding with a minimal upfront investment.

The Farmco Bale Ring is a budget-friendly way to contain a hay bale, but it is less efficient than our other hay feeders. By keeping the bale in the ring, the hay won’t get dispersed or wasted by cattle. However, it does not offer the same hay savings as a 710SRB or 700 DRB model.

The Farmco Bale Ring is easy to use, as the unit comes apart at the sides. This allows the bale ring to be pulled apart and easily placed around a fresh bale of hay in a new location. Since the bale feeder has fewer features, it is the most budget-friendly option.

Farmco Hay Bale Ring For Sale


Cattle and Horse Feeders for Sale

Farmco Manufacturing offers a wide variety of horse and cattle feeders for sale and through our large dealer network. We build the durable feeders that make farmers lives’ easier and conserving feed.

If you are still deciding on the best feeder for your needs and your budget, contact us and we can help you decide.

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