How to Find the Right Horse Feeder for You

How to Find the Right Horse Feeder for You

If you’re a horse farmer or equestrian enthusiast, you love raising horses because you love riding. Chances are, doing the farm chores like feeding or cleaning up after the horses doesn’t top your list of favorite activities.

The right equipment exists to make your job easier, no matter what that job is. Finding the right horse feeder can help you spend less time doing chores and more time working with the horses themselves. Just like we show you how to find the right cattle feeder, we want to help you find the ideal horse feeder for your farm.

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3 Farmco Horse Feeders

Here are 3 horse feeders that include different features, meant to serve a different number of animals. See your options when shopping for a Farmco horse feeder.


Model 4832G24 


This model of horse feeder is perfect for feeding several small hay bales to your horses. Since working to prevent wasted hay is a mission of Farmco Manufacturing, this small bale feeder includes a trough underneath the main section to catch wasted feed.

This small bale feeder is ideal for feeding multiple horses small bales of hay and can allow up to six horses to feed at once. In addition, this feeder is made of horizontal bars that are meant to prevent a horse from damaging their teeth if they bite the feeder.



Model 606H 


A standard model horse feeder, the 606H is focused on maximizing farmer convenience. This model accomplishes this in three different ways. First, the 606H feeder allows for the use of large 5.5 foot hay bales – which means you’ll need to replace the bales less often. Plus, this large horse feeder can comfortably feed between eight and ten horses at the same time. In addition, the 606H comes with an end-load design meant to save you time when filling your feeder.

Finally, this feeder comes standard with both fork pockets and a D-ring. In conjunction with the durable skid feet, these features make this one of our more easily moved feeders since it can be transported by a skid steer or pulled by a truck. This model of feeder and others like it is all about ensuring you spend more time enjoying your horses, as opposed to doing farm chores.



 Model 608SF 

One of our most innovative feeders, the 608SF uses “slow feed netting” to control how much hay a horse can eat at one time.  This exclusive “slow feed netting” reduces the opening through which horses can access the hay bale inside the feeder. This large style feeder can comfortably accommodate between six to eight horses at once.

The 608SF technology provides a variety of benefits to a horse farmer or equine enthusiast. Firstly, it limits how much feed a horse can waste, contributing to overall feed savings. If given the opportunity, horses will pull their feed from their regular feeder and trample or soil it – the 608SF helps to prevent this.

In addition, by keeping the horses from gorging themselves, this feeder promotes a healthy weight and healthy digestion in your horses. Finally, since Farmco is dedicated to saving the farmer time, the 608SF is both easy to load and easy to transport.

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Are one of these horse feeders a perfect match for your farm or stable? Whether you want to get more information or place your order, we can help.  Farmco sells our feeders online and in-person through our dedicated dealer network.

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