Hay Savings and Horse Health for Farmco’s Famous Fan

Hay Savings and Horse Health for Farmco’s Famous Fan

Farmco designs horse and cattle feeders to solve problems for farmers all across America. Some of those farmers happen to be more nationally famous than others. Recently, we built a feeder for NFL All-Pro Running Back – and horse enthusiast – Brian Westbrook.

Here’s the story and his feeder that you can also purchase today.

The Setup: After 9 NFL seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles, Brian Westbrook retired and developed a passion for horsemanship. He spends his days on the Westbrook Farm in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. With 50 acres of stables, trails, and green pastures, Westbrook Farm is home to his horses as well as others stabled there.

Brian Westbrook isn’t just the name on the sign – he’s a true equine enthusiast who spends his days working in the fields with his horses.


The Problem: Even though Brian Westbrook is known for his more than six-thousand rushing yards, he still has all of the same concerns as any other horse owner. Here are the problems that Farmco teamed up with Brian to tackle:

  • • His horses were wasting their hay by trampling it, laying on it, and generally ruining it. This caused his hay bills to skyrocket. Read this blog to learn more about hay waste.
  • • Like any equine enthusiast, Brian was concerned about the health and weight of his horses. Like all horses, his had the tendency to gorge themselves when given the chance.
  • • In addition, he wanted equipment that was easy to use. Equipment that made his job easier, not harder.
  • • Finally, he needed his equipment to be tough enough to handle the wear-and-tear of horses without breaking. Essentially, he needed equipment that he could count on for years to come.


The Feeder: Introducing the 6608 Slow Feed Horse Feeder.

  • • The 6608 features a polyester net with 2-inch openings which allow the horses to eat the hay they need without taking too much.
  • • Made of durable, chip-free, powder coated steel and tough nylon netting.
  • • Features a d-ring and fork pockets to be moved by a skid loader or truck.
  • • Easy-loading panels to cut labor time.

Learn more about and buy the 6608 Slow Feed Horse Feeder right here.


The Solutions: The 6608 Slow Feed Horse Feeder worked as advertised. The benefits were immediately obvious, and the feeder is still as tough as the day Brian introduced it to his farm.

  • • Feed savings – Since hay waste was almost entirely eliminated, Brian was able to cut his hay budget.
  • • The slow feed panels allow the horses to eat as much as they want – without overeating. This promotes positive horse health and weight over the years.
  • • Since the horses on pasture were unable to scatter, trample, and soil their hay, the 6608 meant less time spent cleaning up ruined hay.
  • • Finally, the easy transport and easy loading saved time in more ways than one.

All around, the feeder was a hit — both looking and performing like a champ.


Hear What Westbrook has to Say: Since Brian was such a fan of the 6608 feeder, he agreed to speak about his experience with it to the equine community.


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