How Farmco Saves Farmers Time & Increases Farm Efficiency

How Farmco Saves Farmers Time & Increases Farm Efficiency

For farmers, time is money. Whether you raise cattle or board and train horses, doing anything you can to increase farm efficiency is worth it. That’s why Farmco designs products to offer labor saving benefits to the farmers who use them.

So when it comes time to replace your old feeder, look for a feeder that can save you time. Learn more about all of the ways in which Farmco can help increase farm efficiency with our convenient and tough equipment.


Increase Farm Efficiency with Farmco

Farmco has been manufacturing agriculture equipment since the mid 80’s and has focused on making farm work a little easier from the beginning.  Farmco equipment can increase your productivity and make feeding your animals easier with their many different feeder models. Other equipment can assist with moving hay and storing grain. All focused on maximizing your time!

Here’s how Farmco makes your farm more efficient:

Large Cattle Feeder for Sale

Hay Feeders on Wheels

Using a cattle feeder with wheels can actually make feeding your herd much quicker. For farmers with several different pastures, loading a feeder with hay and hauling it to the herd is easier than hauling the individual bales. This can save time on large properties with many different pastures for cattle.

Check out our 700 series feeders with wheels for easy transport:

Horse Feeders that Prevent Waste

Farmco designed a horse feeder to save money and save labor, too. Our 6608 Slow Feed Horse Feeder uses a net with 2 ½” openings that restrict how much a horse can eat and waste.

Since the horses don’t waste as much feed, you don’t need to spend as much time reloading your feeders. Also, since less feed is wasted, you don’t need to spend time cleaning up the wasted feed either.

Learn more about how the 6608 earned Farmco a famous fan.

Time Saving Horse Feeder

Red Grain Bin Feeder

Moving a Hay Bale Ring

A hay bale ring is one of the simplest pieces of farming equipment and is still important to many cattle farmers.

A Farmco bale ring comes apart at the sides and is able to be transported to a fresh bale. This makes transport far easier compared to bale rings that don’t come apart. This is just another way the right equipment can make your farm run more efficiently

See our hay bale rings for sale.

Eliminate Mold or Vermin Damage in your feed

Depending on how you store grain, mold and vermin can destroy it before you have the chance to feed your cattle. Since feeding cattle spoiled or vermin damaged grain causes health problems, farmers must make sure that their grain is dry and free of mice or rats.

A Farmco grain bin is a watertight, vermin-resistant storage solution. With the right equipment, you can eliminate the concern of spoiled feed.

Grain Bin from Farmco

Creep Feeder for Weaning Calfs

Creep Feeders for Less Herd Micromanagement

Allowing your calves to have unrestricted access to grain promotes all-important weight gain. However, you don’t want to give all of your cows unlimited access to the feed. Normally, this would require closely watching your cows during feeding periods, however, creep feeders handle this automatically.

Farmco builds a sturdy and easy-to-use creep feeder that saves you time on the farm and allows your calves to gain weight quickly.


Buy Your Farmco Products Today

Whether you’re a cattle farmer or a horse enthusiast, Farmco has developed the equipment to make a tough job a little easier.

Farmco sells their equipment nationwide through a large network of dealers. If there is not a dealer in your area, Farmco can ship directly to your farm or ranch. Click here to enter your zip code to find the nearest dealer to you. Farmco also specializes in custom-built feeders and other equipment.

Contact us to get a quote for your Farmco equipment.


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