7 Cattle Showing Tips

7 Cattle Showing Tips

When showing your cow, winning the judge’s favor requires a combination of the cow’s condition and your own skill in the ring. Whether you’re new or experienced, these crucial cattle showing tips can help you ensure your cow gets a proper look from the judges.

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Cattle Showmanship Tips You Can Use

The primary thing the judges will be looking at are the composition, health, and temperament of your animal. These cattle showing tips are meant to help you ensure you show the judges exactly what they want to see.

  1. Train Your Cow with Halter and Show Stick — Since the halter and show stick play a main role in guiding your cow through the competition, you should get your cow accustomed to them ahead of time. This improves your chances that your cow remains calm during the showing process. Work gradually when incorporating these tools into your routine. Many farmers ease the stress of introducing the stick and halter by brushing and talking to the cow when it’s first introduced.
  2. Use a Scotch Comb to Fix Cow’s Fur after Judge’s Inspection — You know that show cattle grooming is a key point when showing your animals and you’re likely careful to make sure your cow looks good entering the arena. Maintaining your cow’s appearance during judging can actually help, too. If during the physical inspection, a judge messes up your cow’s fur, it is completely appropriate —and advisable— to fix your cow’s fur with a scotch comb. Good presentation can go a long way throughout the showing.
  3. Pay Close Attention to the Topline — The topline is one of the primary factors judges will be looking at, so it should also have your attention, too. Use your show stick to keep the top line level. While all cows will have a slight bend, you can use your show stick to keep the cows back as straight as possible. Practicing this with your cow prior to the show is also beneficial.
  4. Keep a Good Tempo — When walking around the showing area, maintaining an even tempo helps you in two ways. The measured pace shows your skill and it also allows the judges to see your cow well.  If the participant in front of you becomes unable to move their cow, you should assist them.
  5. Set the Cattle Feet Correctly for Different Positions — When you are setting your cattle in place, positioning their feet is important. Careful use of your show stick or boot can help position the cow’s feet correctly. In addition, many farmers find scratching their cow’s on the belly to be a good way to calm them down, which will help you to position their feet more easily. If you and other participants are setting cattle side-by-side, position all 4 of your cow’s feet evenly beneath them. If you and other participants are setting cattle up in profile, from head-to-tail, you’ll want to stagger the cow’s back feet to display the definition and composition.
  6. Make Sure Your Cow is Visible to the Judges — This is a very crucial cow showing tip. Whether you are walking or setting your cattle, you should make sure that the judges’ line-of-sight to you is not blocked by another participant. It is your responsibility to make sure the judges can see your cow during judging — however, you should always remain respectful of other participants.
  7. Show Sportsmanship and Professionality — Above all else, the judges are evaluating your cattle’s composition and behavior. However, your own actions and presentation can also play a role. You want to present yourself as a respectful and professional individual who respects the sportsmanship inherent in the activity.This can be demonstrated through your courteous behavior to other participants, your actions towards your cow, and finally, your dress. Although you don’t need to dress formally, you should dress professionally. Wear clean dark jeans or slacks and a nice button-down shirt or polo to convey your respect for the judges, the event, and the other participants.

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