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A happy herd makes a happy farmer, and at Farmco Manufacturing, we understand the importance of keeping your cattle both happy and healthy. Making sure livestock is well fed, hydrated, and protected is constantly on the minds of the owner. With our extensive selection of solid cattle feeding equipment, you can rest assure knowing your animals are being treated with one of the highest quality products on the market. Most of our equipment is made from heavy 12 gauge steel and powder coated for extreme durability and protection from the outdoor elements.

A Variety of Livestock & Cattle Feeding Equipment

Investing in efficient cattle feeding equipment can be a big decision, but we at Farmco Manufacturing strive to make this process as simple as possible for you! Whether you’re a small hobby farmer or an industry leading name, our products are beneficial and easy to use for any classification of animal farmer.

Choose from our wide variety of cattle feeding equipment, livestock feeders, small animal feeders, and horse feeders for a product you won’t be disappointed in. Our selection of cattle feeders includes models that feature wagons with headlocks, easy transportation, and series that are built to accommodate both square bales and chopped green feeds. We also provide livestock feeders that are designed to position just inside of a fence for easy access when dumping feed from the outside. Shown below are our most popular cattle feeders for sale.

Think our cattle feeders are great? Check out our hay wagons and bale equipment to make transporting your feed to your livestock feeder even easier and more time efficient!

Click on a picture to see more details for each series of Farmco cattle and livestock feeders for sale.

700 LRB Series

Farmco 700 LRB Series Cattle Feeder

The 700 LRB models are efficient livestock feeders for smaller herds and will hold round or big square bales.

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700 DRB Series

Farmco 700 DRB Series Cattle Feeder

The 700 series DRB cattle feeder models are designed for round and square bales or chopped green feeds and TMR.

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HL Series

Farmco HL Series Cattle Feeder

Farmco partnered with Sturdy Built to offer the HL Series cattle feeder wagons with headlocks.

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400 Series

Farmco 400 Series Cattle Feeder

The 400 Series are a convenient 4’ wide. These top loading feeders are easily transported.

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200 Series

Farmco 200 Series Cattle Feeder

The 200 Series cattle feeders are a cost effective alternative to the four-wheeled 400 Series wagons.

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L Series

Farmco L Series Cattle Feeder

The L Series bunk feeders have a 16” deep by 47” wide trough available with or without slant bars, an ideal feature for quality livestock feeders.

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Calf Series

Farmco Calf Series Cattle Feeder

The Calf Feeder Series is designed specifically for the smaller calves and comes standard with adjustable legs.

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32 Series

Farmco 32 Series Cattle Feeder

The Model 832R is an ideal livestock feeder, perfect for holding both hay and grain. The pan is built with 12-gauge steel and rods are 3/8” steel.

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Bale Ring

Farmco Bale Ring Cattle Feeder

The Model 750R heavy duty bale ring is ideal for isolation pens or the small hobby farmer.

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Small Animal

Farmco Small Animal Cattle Feeder

These feeders are sized for miniature horses, sheep, and goats.

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FL Series

Farmco FL Series Cattle Feeder

FL Series bunk cattle feeders are designed to position just inside a fence so you can dump feed in from the outside.

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66 Series

Farmco 66 Series Cattle Feeder

The 66 Series features a 5 1/2’ wide trough that accommodates both round and large square bales.

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