Cattle Feeders32 Series

Farmco cattle feeders are ideal for feeding hay and grain to your herd on pasture or on a feedlot. We design our equipment to be convenient for farmers to use and sturdy enough to withstand your animals.

Our compact 32-series of cattle feeders are designed to make your farm work easier. The easy loading and convenient access make them well-suited to areas with limited space or on farms with smaller animals. Cattle feeding equipment in the 32-series is well-built with a sturdy, finely finished 12-guage steel formed trough pan with an equally well-crafted 3/8th inch steel rod basket and 1-inch square tubing on all slant bars.

The 32-series cattle feeder reduces wasted feed, saving farmers money and making clean-up a breeze. The V-shaped basket design of the 32-series allows animals to eat safely while also preventing hay from being thrown on the ground during feeding. These feeders work well for shorter farm animals such as goats, young calves, lambs, miniature horses, and sheep that need access to feed. This series of cattle feeder is perfect for their smaller sizes.

Farmco feeders are designed to solve real problems for farmers. This holds true for the 32-series. For example, these cattle feeders include drain holes in every trough to keep feed dry. In addition, this series is easy to transport thanks to the reinforced rear axles and an extendable tongue for easy hook-up.

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Model CF4832R19

Farming Equipment

Model CF832R19

heavy equipment

32 Series Standard Features

Standard Features

Drain holes in every trough allow water to drain.
Reinforced rear axles on all transportable models hold up over rough farm terrain.
Extendable tongue for easy hook-up is standard.
Slanted trough sides minimize old feed accumulation and make it easy to clean out. Less waste. Less work.
1in Square tubing is used for all slant bars.
12 Gauge trough pans are standard on cattle feeders.
Model Trough Height Leg Height Dimensions Weight
CF4832R19 25" 19" 48" x 32" x 58 "H 210
CF832R19 25" 19" 48" x 32" x 58 "H 325