Cattle Feeders700 DRB Series

The double wide 700 series DRB models are designed for both round and square bales or chopped green feeds and TMR. The rear entry gate allows easy access into the trough for cleaning or loading round bales from the rear. The inverted "V" divider, along with Farmco's slanted trough sides avoid accumulation in the bottom of the trough which provides better feed management and less waste.

Extremely easy to maneuver, these feeders have a 180° turning front dolly and extendable tongue for easy "hook-up". They have great stability and weight handling capability.

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Model CF710DRB

cattle feeder series

Model CF716DRB

farmco resellers

Model CF720DRB

square bale feeder

Model CF724DRB

round bale feeder

700 Series Cattle Feeder Options

Standard Features

Drain holes in every trough allow water to drain.
Reinforced rear axles on all transportable models hold up over rough farm terrain.
Extendable tongue for easy hook-up is standard.
Slanted trough sides minimize old feed accumulation and make it easy to clean out. Less waste. Less work.
1in Square tubing is used for all slant bars.
12 Gauge trough pans are standard on cattle feeders.
Model Feed Openings Wheels/Legs Dimensions
CF710DRB 20 15x8 Rims 84" x 10’
CF716DRB 28 15x8 Rims 84" x 16’
CF720DRB 36 15x8 Rims 84" x 20’
CF724DRB 42 15x8 Rims 84" x 24’
  • EZ Clean-Out hay saver racks

    Reduce hay waste with the EZ Clean-Out hay saver racks. The racks keep the bale centered and decrease the amount of hay that falls to the ground.

  • heavy duty livestock feeders

    The EZ Clean-Out rack folds aside for quick and easy clean-out.

  • High Quality Skid feet

    Skid feet available in all sizes. For moving purposes— not recommended above 16’. D-ring is standard with the skid feet option.

  • 10 Feeder Roof kit

    Roof kit (10’ feeders only) with galvanized tin preserves your hay and feed quality.

  • Galvanized sheet

    Galvanized sheet feeding inserts (used with EZ Clean-Out racks).

  • Wheels or stationary legs are available on all sizes.

    Wheels or stationary legs are available on all sizes.