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The CF Series is designed specifically for the smaller calves and comes standard with adjustable legs so you can change the height of the feeder as your calves grow. Fabricated similar to the L Series bunk feeder, you are ensured many years of use. This distinctive series exclusively caters to calves that are on the smaller side. All of the models are equipped with legs that are fully adjustable which allows the feeder to grow alongside your calves. This entirely maximizes your ease and convenience. Our calf feeding equipment provides people with the promise of extended use. If you're searching for calf feeders for sale that can easily stand the test of time, a Farmco feeder is the ultimate choice.

Four Exciting Choices in Calf Feeder Models

Farmco's Calf Feeder series consists of four exciting and effective choices in models: CF8CF, CF10CF, CF12CF and CF16CF. While these models come in different dimensionss, all come with convenient and user-friendly adjustable legs. As mentioned before, adjustable legs on the feeder are key for growing calves. Since your animals will be growing quickly, it is important to have calf feeding equipment that can do the same. Other useful features that are part of these models are reinforced rear axles, drain holes, gauge trough pans, square tubes, slanted trough sides and tongues that are extendable.

All of these features come standard with our cattle feeding equipment to help provide farmers and animals with the best experience possible. From traveling over rugged farming terrain to quick drainage after a storm, our line of calf feeders can handle it all with ease.

Invest in Calf Feeding Equipment You Can Trust

For calf feeding equipment that's convenient, resilient and high in quality, consider a Farmco calf feeder. We can provide you with a metal calf feeder that's durable, long-lasting, and dependable. Call today for pricing or find a dealer near you!

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Model CF8CF

CF series calf feeder

Model CF10CF

Cattle Series Model CF10CF

Model CF12CF

calf hay bale feeder

Model CF16CF

small livestock feeders

Calf Series Standard Features

Standard Features

Drain holes in every trough allow water to drain.
Reinforced rear axles on all transportable models hold up over rough farm terrain.
Extendable tongue for easy hook-up is standard.
Slanted trough sides minimize old feed accumulation and make it easy to clean out. Less waste. Less work.
1in Square tubing is used for all slant bars.
12 Gauge trough pans are standard on cattle feeders.
Model Feed Openings Legs Dimensions
CF8CF 22 Adjustable Legs 8’ x 36”
CF10CF 24 Adjustable Legs 10’ x 36”
CF12CF 26 Adjustable Legs 12’ x 36”
CF16CF 30 Adjustable Legs 16’ x 36”
  • available adjustable legs

    Adjustable legs