Cattle FeedersFL Series

FL Series bunk feeders are designed to position just inside a fence so you can dump feed in from the outside. No more climbing on and off your loader to open and close gates! They also work great for receiving feed directly from your TMR mixer. The FL Series feeders are constructed to the same specifications as the L Series.

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Model CF10FL

cattle feeders fl series

Model CF16FL

cattle feeders with TMR mixer

Model CF20FL

FL series bunk feeders

Model CF24FL

standard cattle feeder features

FL Series Standard Features

Standard Features

Drain holes in every trough allow water to drain.
Reinforced rear axles on all transportable models hold up over rough farm terrain.
Extendable tongue for easy hook-up is standard.
Slanted trough sides minimize old feed accumulation and make it easy to clean out. Less waste. Less work.
1in Square tubing is used for all slant bars.
12 Gauge trough pans are standard on cattle feeders.
Model Feed Openings Legs Dimensions
CF10FL 8 Legs 10' x 34"
CF16FL 13 Legs 16' x 34"
CF20FL 16 Legs 20' x 34"
CF24FL 21 Legs 24' x 34"