Cattle FeedersHL Series

Farmco partnered with Sturdy Built to offer the HL Series feeder wagons with headlocks. Adjustable headlocks secure livestock 10-months old or older. Headlock feeder wagons are a great way to catch animals for ear tagging, artificial insemination, and vaccination. Lock up one animal or the entire herd.

  • • 1.9” O.D. high yield tube
  • • Yoke stabilizer
  • • 1 3/4” tapered bearing spindles

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Model 516HL

farmco and sturdy built

Model 520HL

hl series feeder wagons

Model 524HL

feeder wagons with headlocks

Model 710HL

cattle feeder with adjustable headlocks

Model 720HL

lock up cattle feeders

HL Series Cattle Feeder Options

Standard Features

Drain holes in every trough allow water to drain.
Reinforced rear axles on all transportable models hold up over rough farm terrain.
Extendable tongue for easy hook-up is standard.
Slanted trough sides minimize old feed accumulation and make it easy to clean out. Less waste. Less work.
1in Square tubing is used for all slant bars.
12 Gauge trough pans are standard on cattle feeders.
Model Feed Openings Wheels Dimensions
516HL 18 15x6 Rims 16' x 57"
520HL 24 15x6 Rims 20' x 57"
524HL 28 15x6 Rims 24' x 57"
710HL 19 15x6 Rims 10' x 84"
720HL 27 15x6 Rims 20' x 84"
  • Bottom release headlock

    Bottom release headlock will release a fallen cow and not choke it. Swivel point is centered on headlock and opens wide at the bottom when a cow falls.

  • End gate swings wide

    End gate swings wide for easy access for cleaning and tending cattle. Convenient and secure latch.

  • Single handle release

    Single handle release frees all cattle at once or release cattle one at a time with individual locks.

  • Individual cow release

    Individual cow release shown in locked position (top) and unlocked position (bottom).

  • Clamp-on headlocks

    Clamp-on headlocks are easy to install and replace.

  • Two front corner jacks

    Two front corner jacks add stability.

  • Headlocks by Sturdy Built

    Headlocks by Sturdy Built. Headlocks are made with the following features: Galvanized, durable construction, 1” structural pipe on verticals and locks, Wide open design and precise mechanism, Automatic down cow release for added safety, 3 width adjustments for variation in animal size, Individual cow release.