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For farmers raising young cattle, creep feeding is often the preferred method for rapid, controlled weight gain. Maximizing your calf’s growth rate is a crucial step to maintain your progress towards a healthy adult weight — without wasting money. Calf creep feeding is a feeding strategy that consists of supplementing the diet of young livestock by offering them feed while they are still nursing. In order to ensure that only the calf receives unrestricted access to the feed, a creep feeder is necessary. When looking for calf feeders for sale, farmers often prefer models with adjustable access bars. Having adjustable bars means that different size animals at different times can have contact with the supplemental food.

Calf feeders allow farmers to let the growing calf enjoy unrestricted access to their food, without providing the same access to the entire herd. Essentially, effective creep feeders let the calves eat as much as they can, without wasting excess food on adult cows. We’ve seen that calf feeders are one of the most economical ways to increase calf weight.

Model BC28HD

Creep Feeder Model

Farmers understand the importance of creep feeding during calf development; however, finding the perfect creep feeder for your needs can prove to be a difficult search. At Farmco Manufacturing, we have developed one of the most sturdy and economic calf feeders for sale. Constructed of heavy gauge steel and built to last, our creep feeders offer farmers an economic solution to some of the biggest challenges during weaning calves. Our feeders provide easy transportation and a controlled feeding environment.

  • Fork lift slots

    Skid Loader Pockets Standard on All Models

  • side

    Adjustable Feed Control

  • chain

    Feeder Packaged for Transportation

  • top

    Creep Feeder in "Open" Position

  • slider feet

    Heavy Duty Skid Feet