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One of our biggest goals here at Farmco Manufacturing is to help farmers reduce waste and save money – and that’s exactly what a grain storage bin accomplishes! Less mess and less waste means less of your money gets thrown away. Since saving money is important to farmers, it guides our development process. One of the costliest ways that farmers lose money is with feed, whether it is ruined by moisture or destroyed by animals. Our durable grain storage bins are specifically designed to solve this problem for farmers across America.

Nothing beats being able to store grain and feed right on your own property! When storing feed, taking precautions to keep it protected must be at high importance in order to keep it safe for your animals. When exposed to excessive moisture, grain and feed can allow multiple strains of mold to grow. In addition, rodents can infiltrate your grain and contaminate it, making it no longer safe for your animals. Fortunately, our Farmco grain bins are specifically designed and constructed to keep hazardous rodents out of your feed — while keeping it dry at the same time.

Model BC28HD

Grain Bin Models

Grain bins are one of the most reliable feed storage solutions for farmers. Because of the controlled, enclosed environment, feed stays fresher longer and remains protected from the elements. With a feed storage solution like this, buying feed in bulk can now be a feasible option! Our grain storage bin models were born out of a need to protect, stabilize, and preserve all types of feed.


grain bin

Model GB3TON4

grain bin


grain bin

Grain Bins Standard Features

  • hitch

  • door

  • back

  • top

  • axel