Farmco Manufacturing Indsutrial Hay Wagons for Sale

Save time and energy when you invest in a quality product from Farmco Manufacturing! Finding the best piece of hay equipment to safely and efficiently transport your hay bales is made easy with the many models we offer. We are proud to be a family owned manufacturer of hay wagons, hay bale trailers, heavy duty hay bale carriers and more! Choose from our large selection of hay equipment, wagon gears, and livestock feeders for sale to find exactly what you need then contact us to find a dealer near you!

A hay wagon, hay bale trailer or heavy-duty hay bale carrier from Farmco Manufacturing ensures farmers everywhere that their round or square bales are being transported and stacked safely. Our versatile hay equipment provides generous size, weight, and smooth handling capabilities. To receive maximum protection from the outdoor elements and for extreme durability, we prime all our hay wagons and hay bale trailers before painting them.
We at Farmco Manufacturing always strive to exceed your expectations for customer satisfaction with our quality products and employees. Our standard workmanship warranty will give you peace of mind.

Hay Bale Trailers for Every Need

Do you use round or square hay bales on your farm? At Farmco Manufacturing, we offer bale carriers and hay wagons for sale that can accommodate all your hay bale needs! With the expection of the BC28HD model, our bale carrier models come standard with adjustable cross members that can be spaced to fit any size. In addition, our hay bale trailers can handle moisture bales efficiently. If you just need conventional or articulating wagon running gears, we have them too!

Benefits of Hay Wagons

Hay wagons have been a main means of transportation for hay bales and other equipment for many years. All of our models are constructed with a heavy frame which allows bales to be stacked directly onto the flatbed. For more detailed information or measurement specifics on our Farmco's top quality hay trailers, please click here!

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Bale Carriers

Hay Bale Carriers

Farmco Hay Bale Carriers accommodate both round and square bales. Adjustable to fit any bale size.

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Heavy-Duty Bale Carrier

Square and Round Bale Trailer

Farmco Bale Carriers are a vital piece of heavy duty hay equipment to accommodate both round and square bales. Adjustable to fit any bale size.

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Hay Wagons

Hay Wagon Models for Sale

Farmco hay wagons provide generous size, weight, and smooth handling.

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