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Moving your hay bales is now easier, quicker, and more efficient than ever! Fortunately, the time of transporting bales being a daunting chore is over. Introducing our favorite line of Farmco hay equipment that not only provides farmers with transportation now, but for decades to come: Hay Bale Carriers. Of course, Farmco hay bale trailers are user-friendly, but what customers love most about them is their ability to easily accomodate both round and square bales. We can boast this impressive feature thanks to the adjustable cross members which can be spaced to fit any bale size. If handling high moisture bales is a concern for you, rest assured knowing that our hay bale trailers can manage it with ease.

Like every piece of farming equipment manufactured by Farmco, our bale wagons and trailers are constructed of only the most durable, long-lasting materials. Heavy-guage steel and heavy-duty tires means that your new hay trailer is more than ready to handle the every day farm abuse and rugged terrain.

Bale carriers are for sale with or without the wagon running gear.

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Model BC16WG88

hay bale carrier for sale by Farmco

Model BC20WG108

Farmco Hay Bale Carrier

Model BC20WG1208

Heavy Duty Hay Bale Transporter

Model BC24WG1208

Hay Trailer for Round and Square Bales

Model BC24HDWG1208

Bale Trailer for Sale

Round Bale Trailer

Farmco's Round Bale Trailers are specifically designed to handle your round hay bales in the most efficient way. For maximum convience, we offer these hay equipment models in three varying sizes: 16’ (8 bales), 20’ (10 bales), and 24’ (12 bales). The Round Bale Trailer features adjustable cross pieces (see top left picture) to fit a variety of bale sizes.

Square Bale Trailer

The new Model BC24HD is our bigest Square Bale Trailer yet. It stands a proud 24 feet long and 9 feet wide to accommodate 3 foot x 8 foot bales. Each cross piece has helpful pockets to attach tie down straps during transport (see bottom left picture). Shown with our Model 1208 tandem gear this unit will allow you to efficiently haul up to 18 square bales. (GVW 24,000 lbs)

Bale Carriers Standard Features

Model Dimensions Structure Capacity
BC16WG88 16’ Main Beams 3" x 5"
Cross Members 2.5" x 2.5"
8 Round Bales
BC20WG108 20’ Main Beams 3" x 5"
Cross Members 2.5" x 2.5"
10 Round Bales
BC20WG1208 20’ Main Beams 3" x 5"
Cross Members 2.5" x 2.5"
10 Round Bales
BC24WG1208 24’ Main Beams 3" x 5"
Cross Members 2.5" x 2.5"
12 Round Bales
BC24HDWG1208 24’ x 9’ Main Beams 3" x 8"
Cross Members 3" x 3"
Strap holders are standard.
18 Square Bales (3’ x 3’ x 8’)
  • steel tubing on hay bale trailer

    Constructed of square and rectangular steel tubing.

  • adjustable cross members on hay bale carrier

    Accommodate any bale size with the adjustable cross members.

  • Strap Holders for Farmco hay bale carrier

    Strap Holders

  • Extendable tongue on hay equipment

    Extendable tongue for easy hookup.

  • Tongue with spring assistance

    Spring assisted tongue for easy lifting.