Farmco ManufacturingHeavy Duty Bale Carriers

Farmco Bale Carriers accommodate both round and square bales. Adjustable cross members can be spaced to fit any bale size. Handle high moisture bales efficiently with a Farmco bale carrier.

Bale carriers are available with or without the running gear.

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Model BC28HD

Model BC28HD

Pairing the Model 1808 running gear with the BC28HD Bale Carrier allows you to efficiently haul up to 27 3’ x 3’ x 8’ square bales. The bale carrier is fabricated with 4’ x8’ x 3/8” main beams and 3” square cross members. The 4” rub rail allows you to tie down your bales for safe transportation.

Heavy Duty Bale Carriers Standard Features

Model Dimensions Structure Capacity
BC28HD 28’ Cross members are welded to the frame for solid construction and are not adjustable. 27 Square Bales (3' x 3' x 8')
  • extendable tongue

    The heavy duty extendable tongue is designed and fabricated to accommodate today’s high horsepower tractors and heavy payloads.

  • double-coupling pole design

    Farmco’s revolutionary double-coupling pole design removes all stress and wear points common in traditional wagon gears.

  • The wide coupling design ensures straight tracking on the road.

  • Tandem axle models feature a walking beam that is offset 2” toward the rear axle. Because this throws a little more weight on the rear axle, the front axle enters holes and ditches more smoothly. The offset walking beam creates greater stability and a better ride over uneven ground.

  • spring assisted tongue

    Double spring assisted tongue for easy lifting.

  • Front steering hitch is manufactured from 3/4” steel plate. The tongue is attached to the center of the hitch with a 1 1/2” CR pin. The tongue and hitch design equalizes the weight distribution on the pivot points to minimize wear and keep the steering mechanism tight.

  • Automotive style ball joints, bronze bushings, and 1” plate steel on the steering arms will keep you going trouble free for thousands of miles.