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Virtually indestructible, Farmco’s equine and horse feeders are the true choice of equestrian enthusiasts, farmers, ranchers, and those living the country lifestyle. Our affordable horse hay feeders are designed to minimize feed waste which will ultimately save you money. Although we offer a variety of horse feeders, all of our fine models are easy to use and are extremely affordable.

When looking for a horse hay feeder to best fit your farm or stable, remember to consider options that offer you efficiency, savings, and protection. These are all things our high-quality feeders can provide for you. At Farmco Manufacturing, we design and build our standard horse feeders with both functionality and versatility. A basket for the hay is on the top of the horse feeder to protect the feed from parasite infestation it may experience through ground feeding. A trough is then mounted below to catch any hay and grain that escape as horses eat, leaving more fresh feed available to your animals. Having a trough attached to your horse hay feeder, like the models Farmco offers do, helps to eliminate the need for a second feeding area which is just another way our feeders can save you money in the long run.

Prevent Feed Waste With a Pasture Horse Feeder

Our pasture horse feeders are truly one of a kind! They are built of heavy 12 gauge steel that can withstand the elements and is resistant to both corrosion and rust. One great thing about our pasture horse feeders is that they are designed to accommodate both hay and grain, so no matter what your feed preference is, you can still find use in our product. By using a pasture horse hay feeder, you can also improve the health and overall well-being of your beloved horses while keeping the hay off the infectious ground contaminants. This also results in a tidier environment and cleaner feed. Order your horse feeder from Farmco Manufacturing in your choice of hunter green or red!

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Farmco’s Famous Fan: Former Philadelphia Eagles Running Back Brian Westbrook

After Brian Westbrook retired from the NFL, he began to dedicate his time and energy to raising horses at his very own Westbrook Horse Farm. As any horse farmer knows, if horses are left to their own devices they will waste their hay — or seriously overeat. The Farmco 6608 Slow Feed Horse Feeder solved this problem for Westbrook — and can do the same for you. See more about why this football star trusts Farmco!