Farmco ManufacturingWagon Gears

Farmco's wagon running gears are ready for the everyday farm abuse. Towing is straight and true with a heavy duty, automotive-type steering mechanism and an adjustable steering rod. Easily mount your gravity bin, bale carrier or hay bale wagon with the adjustable length reach pole and mounting stakes.

Farmco Manufacturing's farming equipment and respected name makes working with us an obvious choice when looking to acquire some of the best cattle feeders, hay bale wagons, and heavy equipment on the market. Use our dealer locator to find an authorized dealer nearest you or feel free contact us with any questions you may have!

Conventional Running Wagon Gears

Standard Wagon Gears

If you’re looking for an easy to use wagon gear that does well under pressure, a conventional wagon running gear from Farmco Manufacturing could be the perfect fit for you! All Farmco wagon gears come with an extendable spring assisted tongue to make lifting easier and hookup effortless. The Model 1208 is an ideal wagon running gear for use under forage boxes and other heavy-duty applications.

When searching for a way to make your heavy duty hauling simpler for you, contact your local Farmco dealer for competitive prices and excellent products. Click on the photo above to learn more about what each conventional wagon gear model has to offer.

Articulating Running Wagon Gears

Articulating Wagon Gears

With the high horse power tractors on the market today, it can be difficult to find a running gear that can withstand the abuse of a normal day on the farm; however, an articulating wagon gear from Farmco Manufacturing is designed to do exactly that! Our wagon running gear’s advanced steering technologies allow for sway-free towing for all your farming requirements. Built with a no-stress flex design, this style of wagon running gear allows you to drive over potholes and other rough terrain without putting stress on your forage box or hay bale carrier.

Click on the running gear picture above for more information about our stress-free models of articulating wagon gears.